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The Cloud Contact Centre

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Relying on the cloud is now second nature to so many of us. The success of smartphone technology means we can now choose to contact businesses at any time and from almost anywhere. It’s our portal to the digital world and it's made remote working possible with collaboration tools, online meetings, shared documents and cost-effective data storage.

Leveraging Cloud in Your Contact Centre

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 28% of companies are actively recruiting employees, according to a recent ContactBabel study. Contact centres must be able to be flexible and adapt quickly in order to retain excellent customer service. That same ContactBabel study shows that from late 2019 to April 2020, the number of remote agents soared from 14% to 71%.

Working together with one of our many partners, we are confident that the right cloud platform will enable your contact centres to thrive. Whether it's improved security, efficiencies, agility or productivity we’ve got you covered. Our specialist resources can help guide you through how to transform your business with multi-channel cloud communication, easy-to-integrate tools and capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI) that enable companies to provide a better experience for both their employees and customers.

So how do we work with your business?

Whether it's providing independent consultancy, helping you drive your business forward through technology innovation, or supporting you with our unique 360 Transform approach, we are here to be your trusted communications partner.

What that means in practice is that our dedicated team can provide you guidance and/or a cloud platform that allows your contact centre to scale up or down quickly, as and when needed. With a ‘work from anywhere’ solution, agents can multitask, work more efficiently and serve more customers, increase sales and your business can grow. Plus, omnichannel capabilities, key analytics and improved productivity.

But it doesn’t stop there! We stay with you on your journey and continue to Evolve and innovate with you to ensure your roadmap and strategy are achieved through the best cost-effective solutions in a seamless fashion.

We constantly thrive to find new ways that contact centres can leverage technology such as AI to analyse and predict customer requests which, for example, can improve agent productivity, up-selling and the overall customer experience.

With us, you can easily manage workflows, work closer to product roadmaps and mitigate more risk, so that you offer agents a better work-life balance. That’s critically important as employees are juggling work and life changes amid the pandemic.

A cloud contact centre equips you for the changes you need in this new ‘norm.’

For a FREE consultation, why not drop us a line on 0208 092 5551 or get in touch via email

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