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the Dots.

By doing what we do best and letting others

do what they do best

Independant Experts

Independent Experts

At Pace & Right First time

At Pace & Right First time

Full Lifecycle Management

Full Lifecycle Management

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How do we do this?

We take best-in-breed services...

Whether it's the services you use for inbound and outbound voice and messaging, the network that connects these services to your sites, the contact centre solutions that connect your customers to your agents or the Unified Communications solutions that connect all your staff together, we can connect the lot.  

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Voice & Messaging

Connect your customers to your Contact Centres or UC solutions using resilient and secure voice and messaging services, removing legacy and end of life services, and reducing costs  

Network Services


Network services are essential for enabling reliable and efficient communication and data sharing across your business. They can enhance your businesses productivity, reduce costs, and provide a seamless experience to your employees and customers.

Contact Centre

Contact Centre Solutions 

Cloud Contact Centres are vital to any progressive business who need to communicate with their customers. With the right solutions, great things can happen. Consider how smart you customers phone is; how smart are your systems?

Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications

Enhance communication and collaboration within your business  by providing a centralised platform for employees to connect and share information whilst reducing communication costs and improving customer experiences,

..and using our SaBRE 360 approach,
we do what we do best

With hundreds of previous contact centre and unified communication transformations under our direct management and programme delivery, we truly are experts in the design, delivery, and management of communication services. We help businesses cut through the noise and embrace cloud communication technology by simplifying the process, the time, and the cost of delivering cloud communication technologies, whilst supporting and driving businesses into the future.

Sabre 360
SaBRE 360
SaBRE Shape


This is where we bring our years of industry expertise and work with you to understand where you are today, where you want to be and then establish options and routes to get there.

SaBRE Build


This is where we work closely with you to create the required services; capturing, designing, building, and testing.



This involves deploying and migrating you to the new services, fully managed  by first class resources and service levels

SaBRE Evolve


We don't stand still and continue to work with you to ensure you get the best out of what you have.    

SaBRE reveal

SaBRE 360

With a collective of highly skilled, hands-on resources with years of experience, we cut through the noise and provide our customers with a complete end-to-end service   


We saw a problem,

Having delivered contact centre transformations for many years, we became frustrated with:

  • the length of time of the procurement processes

  • the complexity of the solutions and long tie-ins with vendors who had over-promised and under-delivered

  • the high cost of change and operational delivery

  • resources lacking capacity and experience to deliver defined strategies against customer demands

so we're fixing it...

By uilising 25+ years of experience, proven processes, and best practices to:

  • deliver at pace, right first time

  • deliver at a reduced cost through competitive and transparent pricing

  • provide full lifecycle and evolution management with resources that are experts in all things contact centre

  • by driving your contact centre strategy with you

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