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‘Accelerate your business’ - a summary of intent, experience & commitment.

Independant Experts

Independent Experts

At Pace & Right First time

At Pace & Right First time

Full Lifecycle Management

Full Lifecycle Management

Who is Xalient?

Xalient is an award-winning, IT consulting and managed services business, specialising in modern, software-defined networking, security and communications technologies, delivering innovative solutions and services to major organisations right across the globe.

A market disruptor designed for a cloud-centric world, Xalient was established to challenge traditional providers with an alternative value proposition – one that differentiates through innovation, responsiveness, flexibility, deep expertise and independence. 


Xalients Zero Trust Framework provides a firm security foundation to underpin your digital transformation, helping you become a Zero Trust connected enterprise. It does this by addressing common areas of compromise between a user or device and the application or data source being accessed or consumed

Your Challenges

UC & your network

As demand for enterprise video and collaboration tools escalates, doing nothing isn't an option for IT leaders who must meet these new business demands, without compromising bandwidth or security.

Remote Working

Now is the time to accelerate transformations to ensure your organisation is properly fit - agile, connected and secure - for the post-COVID-19 world.

Complex Management

New software-defined networking technologies such as SD-WAN hold the key that enables organisations to manage these new demands whilst reducing the cost.

Office 365 Migration

A Microsoft 365 implementation may not turn out to be quite as straightforward as you might think, particularly if your existing network architecture isn’t quite up to scratch.

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