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Hosted Unified Communications for Small Businesses. Key Components and Features

Hosted Unified Communications

Hosted Unified Communications for Small Businesses

Hosted Unified Communications (UC) refers to a cloud-based communication solution that integrates various communication tools and services into a single platform. It combines voice, video, messaging, and collaboration features, enabling seamless and efficient communication and collaboration within an organisation. Hosted UC eliminates the need for separate communication systems and hardware, offering a centralised and scalable solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Key components and features of hosted Unified Communications include:

  1. Voice Communication: Hosted UC systems provide Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities, allowing users to make and receive calls over the internet. This includes features such as call forwarding, call routing, voicemail, and call recording.

  2. Video Conferencing: The solution enables high-quality video meetings and conferences, allowing participants to connect face-to-face regardless of their physical location. Video conferencing can include features like screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and recording.

  3. Instant Messaging and Chat: Hosted UC platforms often include real-time messaging and chat functionality, allowing users to send text messages, share files, and communicate quickly within the organisation.

  4. Presence and Availability: Users can see the availability status of their colleagues (online, offline, busy, etc.) to determine the best time to communicate.

  5. Collaborative Tools: Many hosted UC solutions offer collaborative tools such as document sharing, co-editing, and version control, promoting teamwork and productivity.

  6. Integration: Hosted UC can integrate with other business applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, email clients, and project management tools, enhancing workflow and efficiency.

  7. Mobile Accessibility: Users can access the hosted UC platform through mobile apps, allowing them to stay connected and collaborate while on the go.

  8. Unified Inbox: Some solutions offer a single inbox for managing voicemails, emails, and messages, simplifying communication management.

  9. Cost Savings: Hosted UC eliminates the need for on-premises hardware and infrastructure, reducing upfront costs and maintenance expenses.

  10. Scalability: As a cloud-based solution, hosted UC can easily scale to accommodate growing communication needs and changes in team size.

  11. Security and Compliance: Reputable hosted UC providers implement security measures to protect data and communications, often including encryption and compliance with industry standards.

  12. Disaster Recovery: Cloud-based solutions offer built-in redundancy and backup, ensuring that communications remain operational even in the event of a local outage or disaster.

Hosted Unified Communications offers numerous benefits to organisations, including increased efficiency, improved collaboration, enhanced customer interactions, and flexibility in communication. It is particularly suitable for businesses of all sizes that want to streamline their communication processes, reduce costs, and provide a seamless and integrated experience for employees and customers alike.

When considering a hosted UC solution for your small business, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Features: Evaluate the range of communication tools offered, such as voice, video, messaging, and collaboration features;

  • Integration: Check if the solution integrates with your existing business applications and tools;

  • Scalability: Ensure the solution can grow with your business as your communication needs expand;

  • Ease of Use: Look for a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools to reduce the learning curve for your team;

  • Cost: Compare pricing plans and consider the value provided by the features included;and

  • Reliability and Support: Research the provider's uptime, customer support options, and overall reputation.

Before making a decision, take advantage of free trials or demos to test the usability and compatibility of the hosted UC solution with your small business's communication requirements.

Why not contact the team at CloudComm360 today, to help choose the right hosted unitified communication solution for your small business? After all, as winner of the SME Northern Enterprise Award for Cloud Communication MSP of the Year 2023, it's proven, we know what we're talking about!


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