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Using Messaging in your customer service strategy

Messaging has become a popular way for companies to communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently. Many companies are now adopting some form of messaging in order to assist their customers with enquiries about their products and services. Before we get into it, let’s look at what integrated messaging is.

What do we mean by messaging?

In relation to contact centres, messaging is a service that offers real-time text transmission over the internet between multiple parties. Examples of this are SMS (text) and live chat which can be utilised through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

With more people using SMS, digital messaging and social media, it’s important to recognise how you can adapt this strategy in the most effective way. Let’s look at some of the methods of using messaging in your customer service strategy.

Showcase your presence

The key to having a successful chat or messaging strategy is ensuring your customers are aware that it exists. Be sure to include social handles and phone numbers on customer service pages as it’s a great way to increase customer engagement. An example of this would be including a live chat service.

A simple, ‘Hi, how can I help you today?’ can help prompt/start a conversation that could lead to a potential sale.

Combining automation and human interaction

Having a combination of human interaction and automation can be very beneficial. The bot collects relevant information about a customer’s account and gets a sense of what they’re struggling with, whether they have a complaint or need help with a product. From there, the conversation can be passed onto an agent who will resolve the issue if the enquiry is too complex. 

Make it a seamless process by offering In-app messaging

Customers don’t want to be waiting around, they want the quickest and most effective resolution possible. By using in-app messaging, the customer can contact an agent directly, which may offer the agent an opportunity to succeed in resolving an enquiry.

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