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SMS technology in call-back communication

As people get on with their day-to-day lives, whether that be going to work, dropping the kids off at school or running errands, there are often moments when you need to get in touch with one of you service providers.

Making a simple phone call to a contact centre can be frustrating, simply because you don’t have the time to sit through complicated IVRs, then sit in a queue being told how important my call is and then being passed around from one agent to another.  But, a great way to keep up to date or to communicate with a company is SMS.

SMS is simple, efficient and easy to use and can be accessed from the touch of a button. Here is how and why your company can implement convenient, effective and simple SMS call back technology into your contact centre and customer service strategy.

Use your mobile to communicate! It’s that easy.

Other than calling, texting is the second most popular use in mobile phones around the world. With a 98% open rate, messages and alerts are likely to be seen and acted on due to notifications from your mobile.

No matter the size, companies can benefit from using SMS in their customer service strategy.

Send convenient alerts with SMS

Integrating SMS alerts to customers for call-back is likely to capture their attention and increase engagement. Rather than having a customer wait to speak with an agent, they can opt-in and get real-time information about where they are in a virtual queue. This is an excellent additional feature for contact centres as it allows customers to feel like their energy and time is being respected.

There is still a large proportion of people who only own a mobile phone (not a smartphone), but can still receive and send text messages. This is highly advantageous and beneficial for companies as it increases the volume of customer’s they can communicate with through SMS

Creating the best experience for your customers

Integrating SMS messaging into your call back technology creates a convenient experience for your customers. Not only does it enable them to continue with their tasks and priorities on a day-to-day basis, but it also shows respect for their time whilst ensuring that their concerns are met at a time that suits them.

This level of consideration, connected with a seamless strategy, will form a strong bond of trust. Another aspect would be customers sharing their experiences on social media. Not only does this give the company greater exposure, but it also leads to an increase in sales and boosts revenue for the company.

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