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4 uses of Artificial Intelligence in the contact centre

Firstly, what is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a software that performs, thinks, talks and acts like an agent. It comes in many forms from your IVR processor, to your on-screen chatbot.

It goes without saying that AI  is playing a huge role in how businesses operate by transforming the way contact centres communicate with their customers.

Now, let’s look at the different uses of AI in the contact centre.


Chatbots provide fast, immediate and personalised responses that are specifically programmed to simulate human interactions. They are experienced at sourcing data at a much faster speed to resolve simple queries.

This not only speeds things up for the customer, but it gives agents free time to deliver more direct and personalised tasks.

Managing big data

Every minute, hour, and day, contact centres accumulate vast amounts of customer data and personal information.

Robotic process automation (RPA) helps reduce waiting time for customers by analysing the information given beforehand so the customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves over again.

Having an answer ready for customer complaints…

One of the best things about AI is that it can understand a customer complaint.

For example, when a customer sends an email the system can automatically detect any keywords that indicate negativity. The system will then send the recommended response back to the customer or pass it over to an agent.

Smart aren’t they?

Identifying call types

Another positive use of AI is that it can identify customer call types. AI helps identify the incoming call so it will route the call to the appropriate agent.

It can also recognise more complex customer interactions too, which gives the agent free time to focus on more complex tasks.

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