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Contact Centre Migration



One of the worlds oldest banks, founded over 300 years ago and employing over 4000 people.

The bank, now an independent public organisation, has its headquarters based in London’s main financial district. It has two main functions which are monetary stability and asset purchase facility.


The bank was in the process of migrating from its incumbent Mitel MX1 telephony system to a hosted Avaya Telephony, Contact Centre and Attendant solution. The new solution was designed to work across multiple devices (Handset, desktop and Mobile) for telephony, instant messaging and voice/video conferencing. Although the technology delivery was known, there was no plan in place to cover build, testing and the migration of users to the new platform.

Not only that, functional and non-functional testing was way behind schedule and was going to have a significant impact on the overall delivery timescales. With Brexit on the horizon, it was imperative that the migrations happened quickly, and right first time.


We were engaged to support the bank in its migration to the new hosted telephony, messaging and conferencing platform. It was imperative that the resource had the following experience:

- Comprehensive knowledge and experience of technology migrations.

- Robust planning experience in delivering complex migrations with the associated build and testing phase

- Strong Stakeholder management in a pressured environment

- Strong supplier management

Our team has been involved in many contact centre migrations over the years and could provide all the experience necessary to manage a successful migration of the bank to a new hosted Avaya solution.

In addition, we parachuted in a Test Manager and a number of Test Analysts to support functional and non-functional testing of the Avaya CM and CMS, IP Handsets and the Session Manager. This allowed the overall plan to be brought back in line.


- A comprehensive migration plan and associated governance.

- Strong stakeholder engagement.

- Over 5000 handset deployed across three main sites.

- Migration of 4500 users onto the new telephony platform in just 4 months.

- Migration of 7 individual contact centre call flows (IVRs, Call Back Assist, Priority users).

- Introduction of a new Instant Messaging and Virtual meeting room solution (voice and video).

- Introduction of fixed video conferencing facilities.

- Migration of over 30 meeting rooms on to the new video conferencing facilities.

- Reduction in the banks running costs by removing the use of externally hosted voice conferencing facilities.

- Functional and non-functional testing brought back in line with the overall plan.

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