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Call Centre Optimisation



A law firm with 400 contact centre staff in offices across the UK and South Africa, created to provide affordable access to justice over a broad range of legal services.

With a focus on client care, the law firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality advice whilst working quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively every step of the way.


The law firm was utilising an Avaya telephony solution which they had migrated onto 2 years earlier. Due to the nature of the original delivery, the telephony set up had to be configured quickly with very limited opportunity to review or optimise.

The law firm knew that the service they were offering their customers could be better, but due to lack of knowledge and management information, they didn’t know how to go about it.

This, therefore, presented an opportunity for someone to enhance the current telephony in order to significantly improve the customer journey and overall efficiency of the business.


We were engaged to help the law firm identify opportunities to enhance their customers experience whilst helping make their operating model more efficient.

The initial activity performed by the team was to review and document their current customer journeys, telephony set up and operating model across their 9 different departments. This allowed us to then analyse and identify opportunities to improve the overall performance of the law firm.

These opportunities allowed the team to develop tactical and strategic solutions and establish timescales and costs which were then presented to, and approved by the law firm stakeholders.

Once approved, the team developed a plan that took into account detailed requirement capture, build, design and testing, training and communication and a number of migrations across multiple locations.

The plan was successfully delivered with each migration going ahead on time with no issues.


- 289 customer telephone numbers were replaced with just 10.

- The volume of customers getting engaged dropped from 14.8% to 0%.

- The law firm now had access to a significant volume of operational MI that they could now use to monitor
and improve performance.

- All customers were now welcomed by an IVR and when open, told that calls were recorded and advised
on who the regulators were etc. ensuring compliance on all calls.

- When closed, all customers now received a closed message along with what the opening times were.

- The workload within departments was now distributed based on least occupied agent which led to a fairer distribution of calls.

- Their main IVR was updated to improve getting customers to the right place the first time.

- Customers could enter a users extension if they wanted to speak to a specific user.

- The need for hunt groups and the associated management overhead was removed, and cover paths were significantly reduced and simplified which led to managed service cost reduction.

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