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The beauty of working with so many companies is the opportunity to share ideas and best practices. Companies evolve, customers evolve and employees evolve but businesses that stay the same are destined to fail. Not all change is successful, but not changing guarantees failure.

Have a read of some of our case studies to give you a better understanding of what we do and the change we deliver.

Lender (Draft)

Network Transformation

A major high street bank commissioned a global management consulting and professional services consultancy to replace its Network and Telephony...

Contact Centre Migration

One of the worlds oldest banks, founded over 300 years ago and employing over 4000 people. The bank, now an independent public organisation, has its..

Voice Transformation

One of the UK’s leading insurers, employing over 13,000 staff across 40 UK and international locations with over 13 million in-force policies and in the FTSE 100...

Unified Communication

One of the worlds largest financial services companies operating in over 60 countries, with 171 thousand employees supporting 105 million clients delivering...

Contact Centre Transformation

A global multinational mass media and information corporation operating in more than 100 countries with over 45,000 employees. The organisation is one of the world’s most trusted...

Call Centre Optimisation

A law firm with 400 contact centre staff in offices across the UK and South Africa, created to provide affordable access to justice over a broad range...

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